Eating for Sustainable Weight Loss

"If It Fits Your Macros" (IIFYM) sounds like a gimmick at first.  "Eat foods you love with no guilt!"  "Restore a healthy relationship with food!"  "No food is bad for you or off limits!" All of this sounds way too good to be true.  For some reason, diet culture has tricked us into believing that … Continue reading Eating for Sustainable Weight Loss


Ever since last June, I've been putting in at least two hours a day at the gym every single day.  I wake up, take my supplements and caffeine, and go straight to the gym.  It's just routine at this point.  I don't think about whether I want to go or not, I just go.  My … Continue reading Gratitude

Surviving in the Wild: Staying on Diet

Imagine this: You're out running errands and it takes longer than you planned. Unfortunately, you've left your meals at home, and it'll be hours before you can eat again.  Oops.  It happens to the best of us.  Yeah, the problem could have been prevented by always bringing two prepped meals around with you, but you're … Continue reading Surviving in the Wild: Staying on Diet