I’m an MD-PhD student and a NQ NPC Bikini competitor. My passion is in empowering people to meet their health and fitness goals.  I am so thrilled that my two loves – bodybuilding and medicine – can come together in this way.  If you like the scientific information and my fitness philosophy in my posts, but don’t feel confident in your ability to do so, I am offering consulting services to get you started on the right track.

I personally use a coach for contest prep and the off-season, and the benefits are tremendous.  My coach helps me take the guesswork out of the process, is an accountability buddy, and keeps an objective eye on my physique.  I hope to do the same for you.

After purchase of a consult, I will be emailing you to obtain all of the information I need to create a plan tailored to your physique and your needs.

NPC Bikini Posing

1 hour posing session with me, either in person (Houston, TX) or on Skype. I’ll help you design a routine that best suits your personality and your figure. Every physique is different, so everyone will be posed differently - I don't do cookie cutter poses!


Follow Up Nutrition Consult

This service applies to those who have gotten an initial nutrition consult and are seeing their progress stall. I recommend 2 months of consistency prior to obtaining this follow-up consultation and macro/nutrition adjustment.


One Time Nutrition Consult

This service aims to set you up with the tools to succeed. After discussing your current stats and physique goals, I will ask you to fill out a 3 day food log. The food log will help me with determining your macros and creating a basic meal plan that incorporates foods you already eat and enjoy. This service does not include check-ins.


Follow Up Training Consult

This service is for clients who would like to follow up with me and re-evaluate their training regimen. Please allow for one month before scheduling a follow up consult with me. I will look at how the previous training regimen affected your physique, and provide you with an updated plan that optimizes your time in the gym.


If you would like to set up longer term coaching with me, please contact me: