WonderSlim Review

Disclaimer: I am a WonderSlim affiliate, but I would never recommend something I haven't tried myself and fully endorse. As a bikini competitor, I'm always looking for low-calorie, healthy snacks that help stave off some of the cravings that I have.  Most of the time, I'm craving sweets and candy, but it's hard to fit … Continue reading WonderSlim Review

The Importance of a Reverse Diet

The human body is a wonderfully adaptive thing.  Your physiological systems are built so that you survive - we wouldn't have made it this far as a species if our bodies didn't adjust well to periods of low calorie intake, like during a famine. The same physiological mechanism that allowed us to survive this long … Continue reading The Importance of a Reverse Diet

Budget Friendly Competition Prep

This is the side of competing that no one talks about - money.  Competing gets incredibly expensive very quickly, as all of the little costs add up.  I know that when I first started competing, I felt like I had to buy everything my coach recommended if I wanted to win and get as lean … Continue reading Budget Friendly Competition Prep

The Importance of Protein Intake

Over the last year or so, I've noticed a trend: labels on foods are marketing themselves as "high protein" or "protein rich."  As these labels become more commonplace, it's clear that people want high protein food and are buying it.  It's easy to dismiss it as just another fad, like low carb or low fat … Continue reading The Importance of Protein Intake

Post Show Blues and Ennui | Learning How to Eat Again

So many people enter competition prep and develop tunnel vision: they don't/can't plan for anything post-show because they're so focused on stepping on stage.  It's understandable, and I'm guilty of this myself.  Because I was so physiologically stressed out due to training all the time on a caloric deficit, I didn't have the emotional bandwidth … Continue reading Post Show Blues and Ennui | Learning How to Eat Again