monkii – The Portable Alternative to TRX Suspension System

Last summer, I went to Belize and Guatemala for three weeks with a 40 L backpack.  I was in off-season, so going to a gym every day wasn’t as crucial, but I still packed my resistance bands with me.  The shorter ones didn’t take up too much room, but I took the longer resistance bands too – the entire set – with me, and that was almost easily a third of my pack space.  I have a TRX that I love using at home, but it’s got a whole mess of cables and doesn’t pack very neatly.

So when I heard about monkii, I got very excited as I’m planning a week-long road trip in a part of the States where gym access isn’t guaranteed.  Sometimes traveling means being a bit flexible, and you just have to do the best you can with what you have.

Look at how pretty this is:

TACTICAL KITmonkii bars 2 Tactical Kit

I wish I had known about it last summer – it packs incredibly light and compact, it can be set up pretty much anywhere (not just on doors), and even has a free app.  The app has entire workout plans and exercise demonstrations, so you know if you’re doing them with the proper form.

If you can’t afford a suspension system (they do get kind of expensive on a student’s budget), they even teach you how to make your own with easy to find materials.  The reviews speak to the quality of the construction and design, ensuring that your money may be well spent.
This is an affiliate post, but I am 1) all about being budget conscious, and 2) not going to recommend products I wouldn’t use myself.  Hopefully you found the monkii as cool as I did!

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