Booty Blaster Workout

All credits go to Tyler Mabrey, a NPC Bikini competitor that has the roundest, fullest glutes in the game.  She is the absolute booty queen.

You read it right – 10 sets of 20 for hip thrusts, Romanian deadlifts, and leg presses.  It is killer.  My glutes were absolutely on fire, and I loved it.  Go light – trust me, you won’t be able to ego lift with this exercise set at all.

Hip Thrusts

Here’s the glute master himself, Bret Contreras, with tips on hip thrust form.

  1. Put your back against a bench (right under your scapula/shoulder blades).
  2. Walk your feet out far enough so that your shins are vertical at the top of the movement.  (Too close and you target the quads, too far and you target the hamstrings).
  3. Push through your heels, making sure your knees stay out.
  4. Keep your spine neutral during the entirety of the movement (if you can tuck your butt under for posterior pelvic tilt, that’s even better).
    1. If you don’t know whether you’re tilting your hips forward or back, make an L with your hand.  Thumb goes on the bottom of your ribcage, index finger on your hips.  The distance between the thumb and the index finger should either shrink or stay the same.  If it increases, that means you’re hyperextending your back/tilting your pelvis anteriorly.
  5. Eyes forward.

Romanian Deadlifts

These can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells.  As Jessie demonstrates above:

  1. Roll your shoulders back.
  2. Keep a neutral spine.
  3. Push your hips back with soft knees (some knee bend is fine)
  4. Squeeze glutes and hamstrings to come back to the starting position.

You might not be able to get very low – I only get to just below my knees – but that’s ok.  You want to feel the tension in the backs of your legs and butt.  If you are feeling tension in your lower back, make sure you’re not just bending your back to get the weight lower.

Leg Presses


Higher foot placement is key here!  This increases the angle that your hips can extend through (meaning, more glute action).  You may have to turn out your feet or widen your stance to really feel your glutes working.

  1. Move the chair seat as close as you need to for your legs to be perpendicular to the ground.
  2. With a neutral back, push the small of your back right into the seat.
  3. Get deep – your knees should almost touch your chest.
  4. Push through your heels, ‘screwing’ your feet outwards for maximum glute activation.

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