Budget-Friendly Bikini Competition Accessories

While spending money on a premium bikini is of utmost importance, spending money on the shoes and other accoutrements is not.  No one can tell on stage whether you got your shoes/accessories from the Shoe Fairy, Glam Competition Jewelry, or Amazon.  Besides, chances are, unless the seller explicitly states that they are handmade/designed by them, they’re getting it from the same wholesaler and selling it to you at a steep mark-up.

So, as long as it sparkles, you’re good, girl!

A great place to get cheap jewelry is Wish.com  The only problem with Wish is that it may take a long time to arrive, as it’s usually international shipping.  However, items can be as low as $1, or even free, and shipping is only about $5.  Well worth it.  These are the wholesalers that many accessory companies are buying from.

If you use wish.com, I have a coupon code for 50% off – kfjnqtx, which gives me 50% off of my next purchase.

Here are some really low cost but highly rated examples (each photo is a link to the item):



If you need the items sooner, the items below are on Amazon (photos are affiliate hyperlinks to the item).

Shoes ($40-55)

Rhinestone Earrings (<$20)

Rhinestone Bracelets (<$20)

Rings (<$15)

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